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Map, Average annual sunshine hours, 1972–2013.
If you are looking for a climate map of New Zealand, here are several helpful maps.
Azimuth (sometimes known as bearing) is the direction of the sun as shown on a compass. Sun bearings at sunrise and sunset at different New Zealand ...
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Amount of daylight on New Zealand's winter solstice: 21 June 2016
... Sunsets like these at the Five Mile Bay lookout on Lake Taupo will get later as
Table 2: Trading periods, New Zealand time, and UTC on the Sunday when daylight saving begins
Figure 2
Table 3: Trading periods, New Zealand time, and UTC on the Sunday when daylight saving ends
Australia Summer sunrise and sunset times
Table 1: Trading periods, New Zealand time, and UTC on all days when daylight saving is neither starting nor ending
The forecast track of Tropical Cyclone Hola issued by RSMC Nadi Tropical Cyclone Warning Centre around
Detailed breakdown of our local weather including climate, temps, daylight hours, sunshine hours, the light, etc, head on over here.
The latest forecast track of Tropical Cyclone Hola issued by RSMC Nadi Tropical Cyclone Warning Centre
What is the summer solstice? Welcome to December 21, the longest day of the year | Stuff.co.nz
Tropical Cyclone Hola's position and expected track, issued by RSMC Nadi Tropical Cyclone Warning Centre
The forecast track of Tropical Cyclone Hola issued by RSMC Nadi Tropical Cyclone Warning Centre around
The effect of Daylight Saving on employees pay
Sunday marks the official end to daylight savings, with clocks turned back one hour to
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Time's up: Should we end daylight saving in New Zealand?
Daylight hours only for Kaikōura highway
Sunny weather across most of the country to mark the start of daylight saving, MetService says
Dates for the diary?
Prisoners have the backing to be given more time outside of their cells every day.
SIMON O'CONNOR/STUFF Clocks for daylight savings. Byers
Do not change your clocks: NZ Daylight Saving shift fails due to 'algorithm error'
Photo / 2am will become 3am when daylight saving hours come into effect tomorrow morning. Photo /
Reconstruction work ...
Clocks go forward in NZ but Europe to scrap daylight saving
Image / Auckland Airport view point in summer time / Uploaded to the WeatherWatch sunrise/sunset Gallery by Harjinder Kumar.
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Photo Joe Stodart showers after an early morning surf at Omanu Beach in Mt Maunganui. Photo
Pinoy Stop NZ Daylight Saving Time
Image may contain: text that says 'Daylight saving time 2018 in New Zealand will
New Zealand daylight saving ends on Sunday, 7th April 2019. When you turn your clocks back, you may enjoy an extra hour of sleep.
auckland sunset oneroa beach waiheke island
Are there not twelve hours of daylight, Colin McCahon, 1970, C1994/1
daylight savings ends next Sunday
It's getting close to the time where the same amount of daylight hours will be the same as the amount of hours of darkness which heralds the autumnal ...
Don't forget to set your clocks! Daylight savings this Sunday morning
... There's nothing like a swim after a long day at work, as these people show
Emily Leggett is bracing herself for the change in toddler Tāne's sleep routine when the clocks
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... Daylight saving -- change your clocks
Daylight saving ends tomorrow.
Civil Defence has apologised and said future testing will be carried out during daylight hours.
Up to 400,000 cubic metres of earth came down on a 40km stretch of road between
Daylight saving in New Zealand ends when clocks go back by 1 hour at 3am on April 1. The switch sees New Zealand reverting to New Zealand standard time, ...
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Police seek 'samaritan' who thwarted daylight sex attack
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UK Summer sunrise and sunset times
Newsie - Clocks go forward in NZ but Europe to scrap daylight saving - The Nation's Local News
daylight defense
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All times are in GMT. New Zealand Daylight Time is +13 hours
The mornings are darker and the evenings shorter as the number of daylight hours starts to dramatically reduce towards the end of summer.
New Zealand shouldn't follow European Union's decision to scrap daylight saving - Peter Dunne
The "fall back" of daylight saving could be to blame for bouts of cluster headaches. Photo / Getty. NZ Herald
Approx NZ flight times
... TICK TOCK: Remember to check your smoke alarm when you change your clocks this weekend
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Daylight saving to be extended three weeks
Time Zone Map showing NZ and USA times
We're just over a month from the longest day and the evenings have certainly stretched out in terms of daylight hours.
UV and ozone
Graph of New Zealand Seasons
Gorge to remain open during daylight hours
Photo Setting our clocks forward in spring is a real challenge to our body clock. Photo
thaw paul reiffer copyright new zealand lake tasman glacier glacial iceberg lake sunrise phase one
The town that snubbed daylight saving
UK Winter sunrise and sunset times
The strongest opposition to DST has traditionally come from dairy farmers due to disrupted schedules and shorter working times.
... of using this generation method (which on the face of it only works during daylight hours) have also increased in availability and sophistication.
Daylight Savings Party
Clocks will go forward by one hour, with 2 am becoming 3 am. Daylight saving time will continue until the first Sunday of April 2019, when clocks will go ...
Images taken at 60 minute intervals over the last 12 daylight hours, Top Left (oldest) to Bottom Right (most recent).
Daylight savings ends tomorrow - time for the clocks to go back.
Maurice was reunited with his long lost son from across the ditch after he appeared on
Dead by Daylight: AURIC CELLS PACK (6000)
Dead by Daylight: AURIC CELLS PACK (4025)
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