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Feathers for Tyrannosaurs | Paleontology News | Scoop.it
Moros intrepidus. Image credit: Jorge Gonzalez.
Paleontology News: All Known Mega Sauropods
Researchers name a new species of reptile from 212 million years ago
Artist's impression of how Victorian paleontologists thought Megalosaurus bucklandii looked (right), compared with
Paleontology News: 5 Biggest Megatheropods As Of 2018
A modern mouse lemur Microcebus sits upon the cranium of an extinct Megaladapis lemur. Dao Van Hoang www.daovanhoang.com ...
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Callichimaera perplexa. Image credit: Elissa Martin, Yale Peabody Museum of Natural History.
Paleontology News: How Sauropods Grew So Big
Vertebrate Paleontology News. crocodile
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Paleontology News: The Final Form of Spinosaurus
The largest and the smallest specimens of Spinosaurus known to date. Image credit: D
Dinosaur Tongue were actually more like those of a Crocodile (Credit: Shutterstock)
On the News | India | India's Paleontology - A Dying Science @ News Click
Series: Park Paleontology News - Vol. 09, No. 2, Fall 2017
Artists Impression of Antacrtanax shackletoni (Credit: Sci-News.com)
Artist's impression of two Diluvicursor pickeringi foraging on the bank of a high-energy river
Paleontology News: The Size Limit of Tyrannosaurs
Illustration of Cynarctus by Mauricio Antón from “Dogs, Their Fossil Relatives and Evolutionary History.”
Smilodon hunting
Dinosaur Movies Have Bite
The Art of Deciding What Color Dinosaurs Are Is Part Paleontology, Part Palette-ontology
Artists Impression of Crittendenceratops (Credit: Live Science)
Getting to Know Joe, an Adorable Little Dinosaur | Paleontology News | Scoop.it
The Chasmosaurus skeleton in the Royal Tyrrell Museum of Paleontology. Credit: Royal Tyrrell Museum of Paleontology
On the News | USA | The Many Ways Women Get Left Out of Paleontology @ Smithsonian
Paleontology News: All Known Megatheropods
Chapter 1: Fossil Discovery Exhibit at Big Bend National Park
Galleonosaurus dorisae. Image credit: James Kuether.
Many paleontologists ...
Paleontology News: Is Barosaurus Bigger Than Argentinosaurus?
In Dmansi, Georgia, a 1.8 million year old skull is found in the same area of collapsed carnivore dens as other H. erectus from the early Pleistocene.
110 Million Year Old Sea Turtle Exemplifies Stasis
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fish fossil at Tanis site
Tsintaosaurus, Unicorn No More | Paleontology News | Scoop.it
Paleontology News: Baby Spinosaurus!
An artist's depiction shows the Albertavenator curriei, which was about the size of a small adult human. (Oliver Demuth)
An artist's impression of Weewarrasaurus pobeni. Image credit: James Kuether.
This Week In History News, March 18 – 24
Hot Stories from Recent Discoveries
God Is the Supreme Scientist, Says Curator of BYU's Museum of Paleontology
Artists view of Megachirella wachleri (Credit: Live Science, Davide Bonadonna)
Paleontology News and Research
Archaeology & Paleontology, News & Press - A Blog by F.Intilla (WWW.OLOSCIENCE.COM)
Speculative Paleontology. http://www.northcountrypublicradio.org/news/npr/174404726/the-naming-of-the-shrew. (…
Model of Psittacosaurus sp. based on skin and pigmentation patterns on the specimen from the
Series: Park Paleontology News - Vol. 11, No. 1, Spring 2019
News in Brief | Paleontology
Palaeocast | Palaeontology podcasts Paleontology News, Geology, Evolution, Science News, Social Science
Dimetrodon footprints found on P.E.I. bring Island to 'world stage' of paleontology
The cliffs in which the fossils were found, on the coast of the White Sea
New titanosaurian dinosaur unearthed in Tanzania: Mnyamawamtuka moyowamkia http://www.sci-news.com/paleontology/mnyamawamtuka-moyowamkia-06910.html …
Chinese frog
This illustration shows the Miocene mammal Necrolestes patagonensis venturing out of its burrow 16 million years ago in Patagonia, present-day Argentina.
Earth's oldest animals formed complex ecological communities
Old View of the Dinosaur Tongue (Credit: Spencer Wright)
Odd wildebeest cousin had a 'vuvuzela' in its head
The biggest dinosaur news from 2017
DrNeurosaurus Paleontology News Blog
Paleontology News: Spinosaurus Couldn't Swim?!
An ancient and rare beetle fossil is the oldest example of a social relationship between two animal species.
Federal News Network's Tom Temin and the Smithsonian's Siobhan Starrs check out the redesigned paleontology exhibit at the National Museum of Natural ...
Ariamnes uwepa
Paleontologist Rob Gay surveys a quarry site in Bears Ears National Monument. Credit: Mason Cummings (TWS)
(Sci-News.com) Paleontology News
The Sauropod Dinosaur Diplodocus (Credit: NicePNG.com) ...
In this Feb. 28, 2019 photo, a fossilized dinosaur footprints are shown on a paving stone at the Valley Forge National Historical Park in Valley Forge, Pa.
Rock Art in Chaco Canyon May Depict Ancient Solar Eclipse, Experts Say
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Paleontology News. Frankenstein Dinosaur Mystery Solved By Scientists, Chilesaurus Was The Missing Link In Dinosaur Evolution
An artist's drawing of the abelisaur. Image credit: Davide Bonadonna / Imperial College London
Paleontology News: T.rex Was As Smart As A Chimpanzee - YouTube
... Dinosaur Fossil & Paleontology News ...
I learned a lot about dinosaurs and paleontology by writing articles for Fossil News, Prehistoric Times, Dinosaur World, Dino Press, and other amateur ...
Alt Text: Dinosaurs With Dumb Names Are a Pox on Paleontology
Paleontology News: Tyrannosaurs Were The Most Agile Theropods
Paleontology News -- ScienceDaily
The Brachiosaurus (Credit: Todd Marshall)
Dinosaur News
Summer Paleontological Trip Gives Students Hands-On Experience in the Field